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Insurgent mobility

12 Aug

As agreed, I arrive at the camp at around 4.30 p.m. I go to the info spot where a German guy in his early twenties tells me to go to the cooking tent. It is dark, windy and deserted at Oranienplatz and the last days of snow have left the place rather muddy. As I enter the tent I’m greeted by an amazing diversity of culture and age, warmth, the smell of exotic food and the loud sound of dubstep coming from a boomblaster in the corner. After talking to the resident chef for a little while I begin doing the dishes, feeling awkwardly out of place and welcome at the same time.

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Networked Insurgency

12 May

It seems obvious to describe Occupy Sandy as a right to the city movement. Initiated by an informed public it supplied areas lacking government protection with infrastructure, food and shelter. However, I argue that this movement is particular. These particularities consist in the construction of spaces of “insurgent citizenship” and their spread into the peripheries of New York. Continue reading